Friday, June 25, 2010

A quilt for May

I have just finished this lap quilt for my Mother-in-law May.  After her stroke before Christmas, she has made a remarkable recovery and is home being cared for full time by her husband of over fifty years.  He is an inspiration as their lives are altered beyond comparison.
May spends most of her day sitting in their back room which can be quite cold.  I made this quilt for her to put over her knees.  It is a two-sided quilt - one that is bright and cheerful - the fabrics begged to be made how it has turned out - I had no plan - it just happened, while I made the other side more mellow and muted, so she can decide whether she needs cheering or soothing.
I have made a number of quilts recently for babies, so it was fun to make one for a person of more mature years.  It is soft and snuggly and hopefully will keep her warm.
I gave this quilt to May last weekend and she looked thrilled to receive it.  Communicating is not easy for her, but there were many smiles - Alan, her husband told us that she had rarely smiled during the previous week.  I machine pieced the front and back and hand quilted it using an embroidery cotton.  I love this range of fabrics and two other projects designed using them.


Catherine said...

It's beautiful - you're amazing. No wonder she was so happy.

jessica smith said...

It looks fantastic. I like the idea of the two-sided quilt that fits the mood. Wonderful work Sarah!

Anonymous said...

very inspiring sarah, thanks for sharing it with us!

Anna said...

That is really beautiful Sarah! You're very clever and love the fabrics. What a lovely idea for your M-I-L.

The last photo is very cute with the cat sitting there:) They always know where to find a good warm spot!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

very lovely Sarah, what a blessing, it and you are to her! love bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Just read your article in growing together. Great job, thanks.

You did miss my favourite though - Each peach pear plum.

Jenni Stoddart